About Us

Our founder and CEO, Shayna, studied Environmental and Sustainability Studies at Michigan State University where she first found her passion for reducing her ecological footprint. During her study abroad trip to New Zealand in 2018, she first handedly saw and experienced the dramatic contrast between the United States and New Zealand citizens daily lifestyles. Amazed by how elegantly New Zealanders incorporated sustainable practices, she was inspired to create Parallel Essentials as a luxury sustainable brand to introduce and encourage similar eco-friendly behaviors in America starting with her community. 

We are a black owned home goods shop with sustainably sourced luxury items.

All of our products are made from high quality materials that were produced in an eco-friendly manner, resulting in items that will last a lifetime.

During the shipping process we also strive to produce the least amount of waste while still providing our customers with a luxurious experience. This is a tough task, but we pull it off well.

Support us and our mission by investing in high quality reusable goods that you love and keeps mama earth healthy!

We are all about sustainable living.