Essential Toiletry Bag
Essential Toiletry Bag

Essential Toiletry Bag

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Meet your new travel bestie! Take this bag with you in the go in your Everything Tote or fill it with your favorite make up products.

This compact bag is made out of jute material and water proof lining. Sourced from high quality material, the Essential Toiletry Bag is the perfect zero waste alternative to plastic, flimsy, and bulky toiletry/make-up bags. It has a natural, elegant feel, holds its shape, and can fit ALL of your travel must-have products.


  • Sturdy black metal zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Demensions: 22cm x 19cm x 8 cm
  • Parallel Essentials Logo 

Reasons to use The Travel Essential Kit

  • Made from 100% biodegradable and organic materials.
  • Hand crafted where the materials are sourced for fewer carbon miles.
  • Easy to clean- use your favorite non-toxic soap to hand wash the Everything Jute Totes and leave to air dry.

Care – If any liquid spills inside tote, wipe out with towel. The exterior is also easy to clean, use your favorite cleaning soap on a damp towel to wipe clean. To maintain this products quality, let air dry. 

When properly cared for, these produce bags can last for decades.